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IP Consult partners with you to generate licensing revenue from your patent

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IP Consult has quickly become a preeminent licensing and monetization company, representing both individual inventors and small companies. Partnering with the experienced and proven professionals at IP Consult can help you achieve your licensing goals.

IP Consult partners with you to generate licensing revenue from your patent

Founded by patent attorneys who formerly worked in prestigious New York City law firms representing some of the world’s largest corporations, IP Consult’s principals realized that the patent playing field often presented insurmountable obstacles to individuals and small companies. When licensing inquiries were ignored or rejected by large corporations, individuals and small companies simply did not have the time, expertise or resources to pursue more aggressive licensing strategies or bring patent infringement actions in court.

That’s where IP Consult comes in. IP Consult was formed to help individuals and businesses monetize their patents. With close to two decades of patent procurement, litigation and licensing experience, IP Consult’s team has the technical and legal training to analyze your patent, determine whether licensing opportunities exist and aggressively pursue those licensing opportunities to generate substantial revenue.

IP Consult professionals have technical degrees, including in Computer Science and Engineering, and have worked in a variety of technical areas, including computer hardware/software, web applications, wireless networking/protocols, embedded systems, e-commerce applications, advertisement delivery platforms, automotive systems, consumer goods, and insurance products/systems. We also have an established network of industry professionals, who assist IP Consult in identifying licensing opportunities.