Our Process

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IP Consult has quickly become a preeminent licensing and monetization company, representing both individual inventors and small companies. Partnering with the experienced and proven professionals at IP Consult can help you achieve your licensing goals.

The process starts with you

To have IP Consult analyze your patent’s licensing potential, please complete IP Consult’s submission form. IP Consult’s professionals will review your submission and analyze your patent. If we see potential for substantial licensing revenue, an IP Consult professional will contact you to discuss a proposed licensing program for your patent. Any revenue generated from the licensing program will be shared between you and IP Consult.

No Cost

IP Consult advances all costs and expenses for pursuit of any licensing program.

Buying Patents

We prefer to partner with patent owners and share licensing revenues. However, in limited circumstances, we will consider purchasing a patent or patent portfolio.

Patent Applications

At this time, IP Consult is only interested in working with owners of issued U.S. patents or owners of U.S. patent applications that have received a Notice of Allowance.